Monday, April 25, 2011

Hershey Kisses of the Dog Variety

Staff Pet #2: Hershey is a favorite around the Library. This 8-year old ball of fluff wiggles all over when she meets you, making you feel very special indeed (ok - that's the way she is with everybody). She also does a variety of tricks, and loves performing so much, she's willing to go on the road to any venue for the accolades she richly deserves. Two of her best tricks? Grabbing a tissue for you when you sneeze and talking in a library voice when she visits the library with her guardian.

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Sena said...

She is so smart and cute! How wonderful she read her gardian's mind! I want to get a pet like Hershey. Whenever I read a blog about staff pets, I'm eagering to have my own pet! It's like a torture to me~