Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer - Beach Books

Putting a new twist on a great idea, Monrovia Library takes letterboxing indoors and providesclues to find the Letterbox, disguised as a book, on the shelves.

Each clue uses different aspects of the library to get a number or a letter. Complete the clues for the full Dewey Decimal number or the author’s last name on the letterbox.

Once you find the Letterbox, pull out a blank card and present it with your completed clues sheet to the Adult Reference Desk for a stamp and prize.

The Librarian will stamp on the card and give it back to you for your comments and the date.

Return the completed card to the box or give it to the Reference Librarian for other Letterboxers to enjoy.

Clue #1: From the library catalog, find the Oversize book on Yellowstone and put the first digit of the call number here _______. (No, you don’t have to read the book or even find it on the shelf).

Clue #2: Going to Powerspeak, our online language resource, ESL Spanish is which number on the list of languages? Put number here ________. (Hint – find Powerspeak under online resources through our website .)

Clue #3: The Atlas case is located on the West side of the library. Find the Southern & Central California Atlas and Gazetteer. What is the second number in the call number on the atlas? Put that number here ______.

Clue #4: In the periodicals area of the Library, the newspaper La Opinion is located in what position from the left? Place that number here _______.

If you’ve answered the clues correctly, you’ll find the Letterbox on the shelf under

the call number ____ ____ ____ . ____ LTRBX

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