Monday, December 15, 2008

The Feast

The lovers loitered on the deck talking,
the men who were with men and the men who were with new women,
a little shrill and electric, and the wifely women
who had repose and beautifully lined faces
and coppery skin. She had taken the turkey from the oven
and her friends were talking on the deck
in the steady sunshine. She imagined them
drifting toward the food, in small groups, finishing
sentences, lifting a pickle or a sliver of turkey,
nibbling a little with unconscious pleasure. And
she imagined setting it out artfully, the white meat,
the breads, antipasto, the mushrooms and salad
arranged down the oak counter cleanly, and how they all came
as in a dance when she called them. She carved meat
and then she was crying. Then she was in darkness
crying. She didn't know what she wanted.

Robert Hass

Robert Hass was poet laureate from 1995 to 1997. The Monrovia Public Library has one books of his poems: Praise; two books he has edited: Into the Garden: a Wedding Anthology and Rock and Hawk: a Selection of Shorter Poems by Robinson Jeffers; and one book he has translated: A Treatise on Poetry by Czeslaw Milosz.

Friday, December 5, 2008


What's the use
of something
as unstable
and diffuse as hope--
the almost-twin
of making-do,
the isotope
of going on;
what isn't in
the envelope
just before
it isn't:
the always tabled
righting of the present.

Kay Ryan

Kay Ryan is the 2008-2009 Poet Laureate. The Monrovia Public Library has her books Elephant Rocks and The Niagara River.