Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Do I Love You?

How do I love you? I don’t even know
Now we’re cut off again like a bad phone
(Faulty communications are my middle name.)
Everything is the same and not the same,
You are still here but also you are gone
And soon I shall be far away also.
How does it matter that I wish you well,
That no one weaken your resolve to go?
How do I love you? Is it just a game
To love your sadness and possess your name?
And now you have no reason to be sad
Do I lose the little of you that I had?
And if I’ve lost you who is there to blame?
(Faulty communications are my middle name.)

Karl Shapiro

Karl Shapiro was Poet Laureate in 1946-1947. The Monrovia Public Library has his books Poems 1940-1953, Collected Poems 1940-1978, The Bourgeois Poet, and White-Haired Lover.

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great.and nice to!!;)