Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Job-hunting? Just starting out? Making a career change? The library has many books with career advice and ideas, including these in the VGM Careers for You series. See if one of them suits you:

Careers for bookworms & other literary types
Careers for film buffs & other Hollywood types
Careers for scientific types & others with inquiring minds
Careers for car buffs & other freewheeling types
Careers for kids at heart & others who adore children
Careers for fashion plates & other trendsetters
Careers for self-starters & other entrepreneurial types
Careers for good samaritans & other humanitarian types
Careers for patriotic types & others who want to serve their country
Careers for sports nuts & other athletic types
Careers for the stagestruck & other dramatic types
Careers for gourmets & others who relish food
Careers for computer buffs & other technological types
Careers for health nuts & others who like to stay fit

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